Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Car

With Allah's grace, my wife was given an opportunity to purchase her first car recently. She has been admiring Suzuki Swift she started working at Hospital Tunku Jaafar, Seremban. Most probably because her collague back at the hospital owns a dark blue Swift. After working for more than 2 years, she decided that it's about time she possesses her own car. After all, she couldn't claim her milage since she was driving my car to operate Klinik Desa (Rural Clinic) around Rembau District.

In December 2009, we went to the nearest Suzuki car retailer to have a go at their product. My wife changed her mind and decided to switch her option from Swift to SX4 instead. Unfortunately SX4 was not made available at the shop and we were able to look at its physical features through the prospectus.

Since then, it was me who dreamt SX4 more than my wife. I don't know why but it seems like I am the one who cherish the most. We had to wait for more than 2 months before we could drive it home. According to the agent, SX4 is fully imported from Japan and that is why we had to wait a little bit longer than usual for the car to arrive.

The day we took the car home, my wife was a bit nervous to drive. She claimed she has not been driven a car for more than a month since she is still under her pantang period. Hence, I was given the chance to drive the car home. I was a bit nervous too and didn't have the guts to drive more than 50km/hour. Can you imagine how slow it was? Hehehe...till now I'm the sole the driver of the car, or better be known as 'supir'.

Hopefully the car will not only benefit my wife and our family, but also benefits Islam and dakwah. Me? I still remain loyal with my chubby Kelisa. I have no desire to betray you, Kelisa...huhuhu (the fact is I'm saving money for something else...for sure not remarrying huhuhu) Do you think SX4 is cool?

"Dan aku (Nabi Hud) tidak meminta imbalan kepadamu atas ajakan itu. Imbalanku hanyalah dari Tuhan seluruh alam" (As- Syu'ara : 127)


  1. huhu, sebulan lebih dah cuak nak drive, mcm mana la ana bila balik summer ni nnt, nearly 2 years x drive! hahaha

  2. hehehe...ana dulu pernah gak sekali tak balik 2 tahun. Masa tu baru lepas tragedi Sept 11. Nak balik mesia takut tak lepas masuk ke US balik. After 2 years tak drive mmg cuak...pastu terbeliak...huhu