Sunday, December 20, 2009


Over the night I had the oppurtunity to watch a comedy movie titled "Rebound" lead by Martin Lawrence. The story was about a notable college basketball coach who was sacked due to poor game records. In order to regain the perished status, he had to prove he's still capable to develop human capital in basketball. So what he did was he went to coach a terrible school basketball team in Mont Vermont.

As usual, a bad team means unfit players, poor tactical executions and 'excellent' losing records. He just couldn't stand watching the school team playing during his first stint as a coach. When his team was trailing almost over more than ten points, a flash idea came out from his brain. He called upon one of his players from then bench and asked him to pretend as the star of the team. He purposedly gave tactital instructions to the player in a loud voice so that the opponent coach could hear what he said. As soon as the player got into the court, the opponent coach asked half of the team to guard the player. In that sense, the opponent coach accidentally created a lot of space for Martin Lawrence's team to move around and scored. His cunning tactic did work out and he won. The principal almost couldn't believe the team finally won a match.

The next day, the coach conducted a routine basketball training for the school team. He saw the team was so disarray and lack of self belief. He then called the most talented player in the team. He challenged him to get pass him and put the ball in the ring. The player tried to get pass him a number of times but he couldn't. The coach was just too good for him to beat. Then, the coach said, "You can always pass the ball to your team mates to get pass me." There goes the first lesson. Don't be selfish and teamwork is one of the attributes to become a champion.

After that the whole team starts passing the ball to each other. But the coach was still unsatisfied with the team. Something was still missing. Suddenly one of the players missed the ball (terlepas tangkap bola). The coach asked the players, "Do you realize what is common among all NBA basketball teams?" Out of the silence a player said, " Talking". The coach nodded and said, "Talking or technically known as communication. Communicate among your team mates so that you will head to the right direction TOGETHER". Within an hour training session, all the team players learned meaningful and valuable lessons.

There was a little improvement after the talk. But still barrier among the players are too visible. Without second thought, the coach switched off the court light and let the players trained in the dark. With limited vision light, definitely they had to shout to pass and ask for the ball. Now, the players are talking, shouting, and screaming among themselves.

At the end of the story, the coach managed to overturn the team into a huge name and won the state championship. The moral of the story? Lu pikilah sendiri...hohohoho

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