Monday, April 26, 2010

28 and 82

Bestnya makan free...yummy

Abah, mak mana?

When I grow up I want to engineer perhaps? (lagu masa sekolah di UK dulu)

Beratnya baju...tak larat nak bangun

Aku dibuang ke ni? Hahahaha

Abah, nak ikut pegi usrah!!!

Depan rumah di Liverpool

Abah...anakmu tengah kelaparan...makan jari ni

Lapar sangat dah ni...tak larat nak jalan dah

Kat park ni pun takde makanan ke?

Finally mum has something for me to eat!!!

Done with eating...time for a drink
Why 28 and why 82? The answers are easy. My age now is 28 and I was born in 82. With two different numbers you can tell two different facts. That's how wise Allah is. After living in this precious world for 28 years, I realized time flies fast and new lessons are learnt everyday. All of the above photos were taken in 1983 and I was only 1 year plus at that time. Currently I am living at my parents mansion in Seremban while my parents now reside in Sepang. While cleaning up their room, I found a lot photos that should be treasured for my memory.

Hence, I collected all my photos for me to keep. Pictures say thousands of words. True and only absolute truth in it. From these photos I learnt that I was treated with full love and care by my parents. During my primary school period, I always had the feeling of being treated as second graded by my parents. At that time, my parents had to pay a lot of attention to my younger sisters and brothers. Thus, I felt a my parents ignored me a bit. The fact is my parents treated all of us equally with no favourship. This is the feeling I am going through now. Since the birth of Nawfal, I have to look after Nu'man and my wife does the same role for Nawfal. After Nu'man has fallen asleep only then I have the opportunity to play around with Nawfal. I can see the happiness in Nawfal's eyes when I approached him. I am worried Nawfal would feel being unfavoured compared to Nu'man. May Allah protect my son from this kind of feeling.

When I was still studying in US, my naqib (a humble brother from Indonesia) was doing his PhD with 4 children. He had to take part time job at a Chinese restaurant to feed his family. For me, it was a big sacrifice that should be examplified by others. I was born in this world while my father was still an undergrad student. My mum was not working and she had to sell Malay cuisine such as karipap to help my dad feeding us. Yet, my dad can still mailed some amount of his allowance to my grandma back in the kampung. Thus, there's no doubt that we should respect and honour our parents exactly as recommended in Quran. The deed of obeying them is almost the same of obeying Allah and His messenger. I should be grateful because I didn't have to suffer much to raise my kids.

My dear brothers and sisters, there are a lot of significant lessons that can be learned from our past. Therefore, Allah did not create history for nothing. It is for us to ponder what are the lessons that can be learned or gained. From history, we learn to think hard. From history we gain valuable experience. From history we learn to be humble to all mankind. And most importantly, from history we realize how gracious Allah is. May Allah enlighten our life from past history and experience. Ameen.

"Dan aku (Nabi Hud) tidak meminta imbalan kepadamu atas ajakan itu. Imbalanku hanyalah dari Tuhan seluruh alam" (As- Syu'ara : 127)

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