Friday, June 18, 2010

'Utlah fi Langkawi (Cuti di Langkawi)

Ummi, why can't I bring my bantal bucuk along? I can suck it instead of my finger

It's 2.30 pm...Time to take off Mr. Captain (display is only cap 'kucing' watch...huhuhu)

View from the hotel room (1)

View from the hotel room (2)

Mahsuri's grave

Mahsuri parents' replica house

Nothing extra ordinary about this Mahsuri's well. I'm just admiring it for its historical value. Definitely not because of supersititous belief

Abah, am I in the water...No, you're by the side of the water...huhuhu

I can't believe I'm taller than the tortoise!!!

Nu'man is admiring the seal dancing in the water

U.N. is your aunty too?? We're brothers then!!! Hahaha

Everybody is watching us...there's no place to hide, honey

Another fascinating view created by the Almighty

Yeay...finally we're home ummi...Travelling away from my bantal bucuk is such a hell for me

Abah, I prefer to walk all by myself...I'm a big boy now. I am taller than the tortoise, remember???

Alhamdulillah, from 7th to 9th of June 2010, we were given the opportunity to spend our vacation in Langkawi. It was a quick decision after my mum announced that she and dad will be spending their holiday in the 'Legend Island' with my youngest sibling. Without further thinking, I told her my family would like to bump in. In total, they were 9 of us. My parents, my sons, my wife, my brother and his two friends (which are also our relatives from Sepang). We were so excited because we had planned to fly to Langkawi sometime in July last year. Unfortunately, due to H1N1 spread, my wife was asked by State Health Department to postpone her annual leave until further announcement from Ministry of Health.

This was my first experience travelling by flight with my two sons. Phew...I didn't expect it to be so challenging. It seemed more like a military induction to me instead. My brother in law and a relative drove us to LCCT from my parent's house in Sepang. We were supposed to take off around 2 pm. But as usual, 'Malaysian promise', the flight was delayed for half an hour. Anyway, Nu'man seemed excited running around the hallway while waiting for the flight. He was always looking forward to play in an open and spacious area since. Soon as we landed at Langkawi Airport, we had to walk to the building. I have been to many domestic airports and it seems Langkawi, LCCT and Kuantan airport have to be upgraded. We rent a Serena SUV and rushed to our hotel, Bayview City which was located at Kuah town. We didn't leave our room until 6 pm. We went to the jetty to have our dinner. It was such a nice scenary. Later that night, my family went back to the hotel to get some rest while the others continued 'wandering' around Kuah town. We were so tired because we had to comfort Nu'man and Nawfal since they were restless during the flight. Their scream were much louder than the plane's engine.

We began the next day with a visit to Mahsuri's grave. I was surprised to see the place being developed so well. Long time ago, there was only the grave and Mahsuri's well. Now, they have replicas of traditional houses, traditional musical and theatre stages. The most hating thing is we had to passed souvenir shops before we could exited the place. Next location was Underwater World. Nothing extravagant compared to Aquaria in Kuala Lumpur. But Nu'man was enjoying himself more than anyone else there. Probably, that was the first time he saw marine life before his very own eyes.

After we had our lunch, we rushed to Gunung Machincang to try on the cable car. We were a bit unlucky because the operation had to be hold due to cloudy wheather. They forecasted that it might rain soon, thus it's a bit risky to have the cable running on. We went to Padang Mat Sirat where the famous 'burned paddy' is located. Due to my 'expertise' as a map reader, we missed the junction and headed to gamat oil shops instead. Just before maghrib, we went to Langkawi Mall and did some shopping. I bought a pair of Hush Puppies shoes and my wife had to wait the next day before she could get hold of her Sembonia handbag. After maghrib, my wife and I went to have dinner at arabic restaurant. I always dreamt of having maqloubah. The last time I had it was in 1993 where my father's saudi friend invited us to his home for dinner before we left back to Malaysia for good. Alhamdulillah, I had the chance to taste it back in Langkawi with ridiculous price..hehehe. Before we went back to hotel, we 'visited' al ikhsan and definitely I was hooked to something flashy and bought it with a long thought...huhuhu.

The next day was the last day in Langkawi. Again, our flight was delayed for more than 45 minutes. As soon as we reached LCCT, we took a taxi to my parent's home in Sepang. I was so tired that I didn't realized I fell asleep with Nu'man in my arms. Only the next day we left for Seremban. Such an exciting vacation huh? Didn't have a single breath to rest at all...hohoho

"Dan aku (Nabi Hud) tidak meminta imbalan kepadamu atas ajakan itu. Imbalanku hanyalah dari Tuhan seluruh alam" (As- Syu'ara : 127)